midi to animation

I am working on a little vex/python toolset to generate animated channels from notes (music).

  • video description is here on vimeo
  • older source .hiplc file and HDA's are here on odforce
  • I will update the sources asap on my github
  • if you are really interested, send me an e-mail please


  • create/edit midi in ableton or similar software
  • import midi to houdini
  • generate channels from the notes

animation curves

  • can be generated pre note or post note
  • channels are actually arrays, detail attributes, calculated just once

special channels

  • area (accumulate, e.g. to drive noise)
  • seed (to drive random)
  • pass&hit (like a slapping movement)
  • connect notes (just connect them)
  • detection of ascending/descending melody, which affects the direction of the animation

library of shapes

  • ease in, out
  • spring
  • bounce
  • swing (before the "beat", like with a racket)
  • sparkle
  • 12 principles of animation
  • any custom chramp

source code

  • vex to generate the channels
  • some python for the initial generations of notes
  • getmusic function to read the channel


load 100% image