OpenGL Vertex Cache

I have built a small HDA to utilize the GPU OpenGL Vertex Cache. I use it for fast realtime SOP viewport previews. It is much faster then the Cache SOP, but it uses Alembic as a disk cache, so it is usually a dead end. Any tips how to utilize GPU Vertex Cache without .abc are highly appreciated! An example of speed comparison, the scene is attached here:

Cache SOP ~ 25 fps
OpenGL Vertex Cache ~ 45 fps
OpenGL Vertex Cache, point cloud  ~90 fps

I have also prepared simple UI to render remotely on my HQueue farm.

With HScript we may set the memory limits:

I got an answer from SideFX (twod) so I just repost it here:

You can't use it (the Vertex Cache) directly. Packed Alembic and Packed Disk Primitives/Sequences can cache geometry there, and all currently displayed geometry will use the cache until it's deleted. But there's no way to manually cache things.